For the bad moments

Let me take a breath in honor of those moments that immersed us into a spasm of pain. For that momentary and oppressive burden. For the news we did not understand but at the end, they have reached us. In a strike of agony, in a sip of me.

It got out of my hands, I think I failed you, dear. Life can hurt so much, I know today hurts more. I would like to give you hope in fullness, but now I have only empty answers.

I would like to get out of you, holding you in my arms and get into you again. It is not a sign of weakness, it is my strength wanting to be yours.

It seems incomprehensible, maybe it is. But what you ignore now, it is the clue of your fate. And I am not asking you for patience, patience is just time. I am begging you for getting over what you cannot change now.

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